Introductions and Reviews of Films by University Students

Introductions and Reviews of Films by University Students

For the second year in the row the Disappearing Act festival gave an opportunity to American students to explore contemporary European films from up close. Visit the section Film Reviews on this blog and get a taste of this year’s student reviews and introductions, which for the first time included not only students from New York area universities, but also contributions from students from Austin, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri.

(pictured: Austin Kim introducing the screening of CORPO CELESTE; photo by Sven Buehrer)




Sharing the experience of cinema is the most important reason to come to DAV and we are grateful for the dedicated audience that comes to all of our screenings. Here’s to you and moving images that effect us all in unspeakable ways. Come back to more films that delight, provoke, bring visual and other pleasures, and hopefully some of them would floor you.

Every festival is about celebration and we hope you’d be able to extend this feeling beyond this one program and stay devoted to experiencing films on the big screen, which leads to knowing what to appreciate on the small screen. If you explore and follow our blog, you will discover films from the DA festival’s past that can be seen on various online platforms. We hope you’d take this opportunity and we promise to improve on the form to make it an easier ride for you in the future.

Best regards from the entire DAV festival team!

THE ALMOST MAN Q&A with Martin Lund and Ruben Thorkildsen

THE ALMOST MAN Q&A with Martin Lund and Ruben Thorkildsen

…and many more photos from DAV events and discussions posted on our facebook page album. Visit

25 REASONS TO DAV: Reason #24

25 REASONS TO DAV: Reason #24

Reason #24: it is fitting that at the close of our festival and film recommendations we present TOMBOY, one of the most tender portrayals of childhood and searching for one’s identity. It exemplifies exactly the kind of films that are at heart of DISAPPEARING ACT festival – a superb work that fell through the cracks. Here’s another chance to see it on a big screen.

25 REASONS TO DAV: Reason #23

25 REASONS TO DAV: Reason #23

Reason #23: the grand screen at Museum of the Moving Image will be the place where Swiss film SUMMER GAMES will be presented in it’s New York premiere. Rolando Colla based his film on his own childhood and the drama of growing up with a difficult parent.

25 REASONS TO DAV: Reason #22

25 REASONS TO DAV: Reason #22

Reason #22: that would be CORPO CELESTE by Alice Rohrwacher. It is one of the most beautiful Italian films you have to see on the big screen and there is no better place for it than the gorgeous cinema of the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens. Congrats to Film Movement for distributing this gem in the U.S.

25 REASONS TO DAV: Reason #21

25 REASONS TO DAV: Reason #21

Reason #21: we’ll dedicate this nice number to the film publicized on the cover of our postcard – you may have wondered who that screaming man is. Well, he’s a politician in dire straights who decides to vanish for a day on a mushrooming trip. Yes, the film is MUSHROOMING, a political satire, and we hope you’ll come to check out this funny Estonian comedy.

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