Press reactions – DA IV – 2012

Press reactions – DA IV – 2012

“Disappearing Act is a name that evokes wonder and melancholy; a sense of cultures past and present; of peoples amalgamated and gentrified; of something fleeting and then absent, yet still existing somewhere, firmly defined by the ephemeral and mercurial nature of magic; of creating something that is of the euphoric truth”. (Twitch)

“DISAPPEARING ACT as a festival of contemporary European cinema grew out of a smaller showcase, which instantly became very popular.  I believe the reasons are at least two: the program is curated to include  a substantial number of films from the recent past without concern for whether or not they were brand new or if they had played in New York before – that gives me as the curator the flexibility to really concentrate on the quality of the films first and foremost. The second reason lies in the involvement of all the presenting partners of the festival, who not only invest money and effort to secure the films, but also use their own marketing and outreach channels to reach their own constituencies in New York”. (NY Times)

“If you don‘t go to the large film festivals around the world you really don‘t get to see the wealth of films playing the circuit. Sure there are films that break out that get released, but there are many gems that will never get full release in the US. Now you have the chance”. (Indie Wire)

“Disappearing Act launched as an annual event in 2009 and instantly  became a popular event in New York for it‘s unique, carefully curated celebration of the vitality of European cinema. (…) Films will be introduced by special guests and filmmakers, who will also be present for post-screening discussions”. (Cinema Sight)

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