Festival Program

  • 1395 Days Without Red (1395 dana bez crvene) UK-Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2011, directed by Sejla Kameric and Anri Sala – US Premiere
  • Attenberg, Greece, 2010, directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari
  • Corpo Celeste, Italy-France, 2011, directed by Alice Rohrwacher
  • Dreileben, Parts 1-3, Germany, 2011, directed by Christian Petzold, Dominik Graf, and Christoph Hochhaeusler
  • Diamond Flash, Spain, 2011, directed by Carlos Vermut – US Premiere
  • Feed Me With Your Words (Nahrani me z besedami) Slovenia, 2012, directed by Martin Turk – NY Premiere
  • Flower Buds (Poupata) Czech Republic, 2011, directed by Zdenek Jirasky – NY Premiere; Q&A with the director
  • Kuma, Austria, 2012, directed by Umut Dag – NY Premiere; Q&A with actress Nihal Koldas
  • Lena, The Netherlands-Belgium, 2011, directed by Christophe Van Rompaey – NY Premiere
  • Living Afterwards (De leur vivant) Belgium, 2011, directed by Geraldine Doignon – NY  Premiere
  • Made in Ash (Az do mesta As) Slovakia-Czech Republic, 2012, directed by Iveta Grofova – NY Premiere
  • Mushrooming (Seenelkaik) Estonia, 2012, directed by Toomas Hussar – NY Premiere
  • Play, Sweden-France-Denmark, 2011, directed by Ruben Ostlund – Opening Night Film; Q&A with the director
  • Rose (Roza) Poland, 2011, directed by Wojciech Smarzowski
  • Small Crime (Mikro eglima) Cyprus-Germany-Greece, 2008, directed by Christos Georgiou
  • Stars Above (Tahtitaivas talon ylla) Finland-Iceland, 2012, directed by Saara Cantell
  • Summer Games (Giochi d’Estate) Switzerland, 2011, directed by Rolando Colla – NY Premiere
  • The Almost Man (Mer eller mindre mann) Norway, 2012, directed by Martin Lund – NY Premiere; Q&A with the director
  • The Boy Who Was a King (Momcheto, koeto beshe tsar) Bulgaria, 2011, directed by Andrey Paounov; Q&A with the director
  • The Exam (A vizsga) Hungary, 2011, directed by Peter Bergendy – NY Premiere; Q&A with screenwriter Norbert Kobli
  • The Taste of Creme Brulee (O Sabor do Leite Crème) Portugal, 2012, directed by Hiroatsu Suzuki and Rossana Torres – Intl. Premiere
  • Tilva Rosh (Tilva Ros) Serbia, 2010, directed by Nikola Lezaic – NY Premiere; Q&A with the director
  • Tomboy, France, 2011, directed by Celine Sciamma
  • Tuesday, After Christmas (Marti, dupa Cracium) Romania, 2010, directed by Radu Muntean


  1. Interested in the films but it is really difficult to figure out from this site what the films are and where they are playing…

    • maybe easier for you would be to visit DisappearingAct.org – that’s the official site and easier to navigate.

      • Well yes many many versions it is a real Disappearance Act,Czech center introductions says Finland no film tag though. Some where i did see Play as Sweden-Denmark Finland film in finnish language;lost poof to me now where is? IFC says Sweden-Denmark France. And is mix up don’t think it is France made. Mix ups get entwined other descriptions clear. At search time- it is matter of luck what 1st read can cause you to miss it. Reality no Finland films. As last year is another Estonian film offer. I would have liked see Play anyway,yet what i saw was by synopsus,filmmaker more than date not so linear. What you refer to by calendar date.films alpha listed. Yet to be fair one thing great the exact showtimes of each movie. Showtime info is disappearing even in american advertisements these days. Some one quit telling that. What i saw was similar to stapled sheets given out when you arrive at venue.

      • Hi, the Finnish film was STARS ABOVE. and the PLAY production to credit to Finland was a mistake (originated from imdb.com page).

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